Title 40


300.4 Abbreviations.

§ 300.4 Abbreviations.

(a) Department and Agency Title Abbreviations:

ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry CDC - Centers for Disease Control DOC - Department of Commerce DOD - Department of Defense DOE - Department of Energy DOI - Department of the Interior DOJ - Department of Justice DOL - Department of Labor DOS - Department of State DOT - Department of Transportation EPA - Environmental Protection Agency FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency GSA - General Services Administration HHS - Department of Health and Human Services NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration RSPA - Research and Special Programs Administration USCG - United States Coast Guard USDA - United States Department of Agriculture Note:

Reference is made in the NCP to both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Response Center. In order to avoid confusion, the NCP will spell out Nuclear Regulatory Commission and use the abbreviation “NRC” only with respect to the National Response Center.

(b) Operational Abbreviations:

ACP - Area Contingency Plan ARARs - Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements CERCLIS - CERCLA Information System CRC - Community Relations Coordinator CRP - Community Relations Plan DRAT - District Response Advisory Team DRG - District Response Group ERT - Environmental Response Team ESF - Emergency Support Function FCO - Federal Coordinating Officer FRERP - Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan FRP - Federal Response Plan FS - Feasibility Study HRS - Hazard Ranking System LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee NCP - National Contingency Plan NPFC - National Pollution Funds Center NPL - National Priorities List NRC - National Response Center NRS - National Response System NRT - National Response Team NSF - National Strike Force NSFCC - National Strike Force Coordination Center O&M - Operation and Maintenance OSC - On-Scene Coordinator OSLTF - Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund PA - Preliminary Assessment PIAT - Public Information Assist Team RA - Remedial Action RCP - Regional Contingency Plan RD - Remedial Design RERT - Radiological Emergency Response Team RI - Remedial Investigation ROD - Record of Decision RPM - Remedial Project Manager RRC - Regional Response Center RRT - Regional Response Team SAC - Support Agency Coordinator SEMS - Superfund Enterprise Management System SERC - State Emergency Response Commission SI - Site Inspection SMOA - Superfund Memorandum of Agreement SONS - Spill of National Significance SSC - Scientific Support Coordinator SUPSALV - United States Navy Supervisor of Salvage USFWS - United States Fish and Wildlife Service [59 FR 47416, Sept. 15, 1994, as amended at 79 FR 65592, Nov. 5, 2014]