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Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart R—Kansas

§52.870   Identification of plan.

(a) Purpose and scope. This section sets forth the applicable SIP for Kansas under Section 110 of the CAA, 42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq. and 40 CFR Part 51 to meet NAAQS.

(b) Incorporation by reference. (1) Material listed in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section with an EPA approval date prior to December 31, 2014, was approved for incorporation by reference by the Director of the Federal Register in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. Material is incorporated as it exists on the date of the approval, and notice of any change in the material will be published in the Federal Register. Entries in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section with EPA approval dates after December 31, 2014, will be incorporated by reference in the next update to the SIP compilation.

(2) EPA Region 7 certifies that the rules/regulations provided by EPA in the SIP compilation at the addresses in paragraph (b)(3) of this section are an exact duplicate of the officially promulgated state rules/regulations which have been approved as part of the SIP as of December 31, 2014.

(3) Copies of the materials incorporated by reference may be inspected at the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, Air Planning and Development Branch, 11201 Renner Boulevard, Lenexa, Kansas 66219; at the EPA, Air and Radiation Docket and Information Center, and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). If you wish to obtain material from the EPA Regional Office, please call (913) 551-7089. For information on the availability of this material at NARA, call (202) 741-6030, or go to: www.archives.gov/federal-register/cfr/ibr-locations.html.

(c) EPA-approved regulations.

EPA-Approved Kansas Regulations

Kansas citationTitleState
EPA approval dateExplanation
Kansas Department of Health and Environment Ambient Air Quality Standards and Air Pollution Control
General Regulations
K.A.R. 28-19-6Statement of Policy1/1/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867Kansas revoked this rule 5/1/82.
K.A.R. 28-19-8Reporting Required1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-9Time Schedule for Compliance5/1/8412/21/87, 52 FR 48265
K.A.R. 28-19-10Circumvention of Control Regulations1/1/715/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-11Exceptions Due to Breakdowns or Scheduled Maintenance1/1/7411/8/73, 38 FR 30876
K.A.R. 28-19-12Measurement of Emissions1/1/715/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-13Interference with Enjoyment of Life and Property1/1/7411/8/73, 38 FR 30876
K.A.R. 28-19-14Permits Required1/24/947/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-15Severability1/1/715/31/72, 37 FR 10867
Nonattainment Area Requirements
K.A.R. 28-19-16New Source Permit Requirements for Designated Nonattainment Areas10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16aDefinitions10/10/971/11/00, 65 FR 1545
K.A.R. 28-19-16bPermit Required10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16cCreditable Emission Reductions10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420EPA deferred action on the state's current definition of the terms “building, structure, facility, or installation”; “installation”; and “reconstruction.”
K.A.R. 28-19-16dFugitive Emission Exemption10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16eRelaxation of Existing Emission Limitations10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16fNew Source Emission Limits10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16gAttainment and Maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16hCompliance of Other Sources10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16iOperating Requirements10/16/891/16/90 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16jRevocation and Suspension of Permit10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16kNotification Requirements10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16lFailure to Construct10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-16mCompliance with Provisions of Law Required10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
Attainment Area Requirements
K.A.R. 28-19-17Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality11/22/022/26/03, 68 FR 8845K.A.R. 28-19-17a through 28-19-17q revoked. Provision moved to K.A.R. 28-19-350.
Stack Height Requirements
K.A.R. 28-19-18Stack Heights5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934The state regulation has stack height credit. EPA has not approved that part.
K.A.R. 28-19-18bDefinitions5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934
K.A.R. 28-19-18cMethods for Determining Good Engineering Practice Stack Height5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934
K.A.R. 28-19-18dFluid Modeling5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934
K.A.R. 28-19-18eRelaxation of Existing Emission Limitations5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934
K.A.R. 28-19-18fNotification Requirements5/1/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934
Continuous Emission Monitoring
K.A.R. 28-19-19Continuous Emission Monitoring6/8/921/12/93, 58 FR 3847
Processing Operation Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-20Particulate Matter Emission Limitations10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-21Additional Emission Restrictions10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-23Hydrocarbon Emissions—Stationary Sources12/27/7211/8/73, 38 FR 30876
K.A.R. 28-19-24Control of Carbon Monoxide Emissions.1/1/7211/8/73, 38 FR 30876
Indirect Heating Equipment Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-30General Provisions1/1/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-31Emission Limitations11/8/9310/18/94, 59 FR 52425
K.A.R. 28-19-32Exemptions—Indirect Heating Equipment11/8/9310/18/94, 59 FR 52425
Incinerator Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-40General Provisions1/1/715/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-41Restriction of Emission12/27/7211/8/73, 38 FR 30876
K.A.R. 28-19-42Performance Testing1/1/7211/8/73, 38 FR 30876
K.A.R. 28-19-43Exceptions1/1/715/31/72, 37 FR 10867
Air Pollution Emergencies
K.A.R. 28-19-55General Provisions1/1/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-56Episode Criteria10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420
K.A.R. 28-19-57Emission Reduction Requirements1/1/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867
K.A.R. 28-19-58Emergency Episode Plans1/1/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867
Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-61Definitions10/7/916/23/92, 57 FR 27936
K.A.R. 28-19-62Testing Procedures10/7/716/23/92, 57 FR 27936
K.A.R. 28-19-63Automobile and Light Duty Truck Surface Coating11/8/9310/18/94, 59 FR 52425
K.A.R. 28-19-64Bulk Gasoline Terminals5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-65Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Liquid Storage in Permanent Fixed Roof Type Tanks5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-66Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Liquid Storage in External Floating Roof Tanks5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-67Petroleum Refineries5/1/861/2/87, 52 FR 53
K.A.R. 28-19-68Leaks from Petroleum Refinery Equipment5/1/861/2/87, 52 FR 53
K.A.R. 28-19-69Cutback Asphalt5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-70Leaks from Gasoline Delivery Vessels and Vapor Collection Systems5/15/981/11/00, 65 FR 1545
K.A.R. 28-19-71Printing Operations5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-72Gasoline Dispensing Facilities5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-73Surface Coating of Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products and Metal Furniture6/8/921/12/93, 58 FR 3847
K.A.R. 28-19-74Wool Fiberglass Manufacturing5/1/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700
K.A.R. 28-19-76Lithography Printing Operations10/7/916/23/92, 57 FR 27936
K.A.R. 28-19-77Chemical Processing Facilities That Operate Alcohol Plants or Liquid Detergent Plants10/7/916/23/92, 57 FR 27936
General Provisions
K.A.R. 28-19-200General Provisions; definitions1/2/112/22/11, 76 FR 9658
K.A.R. 28-19-201General Provisions; Regulated Compounds List10/10/971/11/00, 65 FR 1545
K.A.R. 28-19-204Permit Issuance and Modification; Public Participation1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-210Calculation of Actual Emissions11/22/931/11/00, 65 FR 1545
K.A.R. 28-19-212Approved Test Methods and Emission Compliance Determination Procedures1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-274Nitrogen Oxide allocations11/6/156/29/16 and 81 FR 42256Approval of EGU-specific NOX allocations does not include KAR 28-19-274(a)(2)(A) and (a)(2)(B).
Construction Permits And Approvals
K.A.R. 28-19-300Applicability11/18/201611/3/2018, 83 FR 49826
K.A.R. 28-19-301Application and Issuance1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-302Additional Provisions; Construction Permits1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-303Additional Provisions; Construction Approvals1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-304Fees11/18/201611/3/2018, 83 FR 49826
K.A.R. 28-19-350Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) of Air Quality12/28/20124/17/2020, 85 FR 21329Provisions of the 2010 PM2.5 PSD-Increments, SILs and SMCs rule relating to SILs and SMCs that were affected by the January 22, 2013, U.S. Court of Appeals decision are not SIP approved. Provisions of the 2002 NSR reform rule relating to the Clean Unit Exemption, Pollution Control Projects, and exemption from recordkeeping provisions for certain sources using the actual-to-projected-actual emissions projections test are not SIP approved. In addition, we have not approved Kansas rule incorporating EPA's 2008 “fugitive emissions rule” (published in the Federal Register on December 19, 2008).
General Permits
K.A.R. 28-19-400General Requirements1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-401Adoption by the Secretary1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-402Availability of Copies; Lists of Sources to Which Permits Issued1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-403Application to Construct or Operate Pursuant to Terms of General Permits1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-404Modification, Revocation1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
Operating Permits
K.A.R. 28-19-500Applicability1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-501Emissions Limitations and Pollution Control Equipment for Class I and Class II Operating Permits; Conditions1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-502Identical Procedural Requirements1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
Class II Operating Permits
K.A.R. 28-19-540Applicability1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-541Application Timetable and Contents1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-542Permit-by-Rule9/23/052/8/08, 73 FR 7468
K.A.R. 28-19-543Permit Term and Content; Operational Compliance1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-544Modification of Sources or Operations1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-545Application Fee1/23/957/17/95, 60 FR 36361
K.A.R. 28-19-546Annual Emission Inventory9/23/052/8/08, 73 FR 7468
K.A.R. 28-19-561Permit-by-Rule; Reciprocating Engines9/23/052/8/08, 73 FR 7468
K.A.R. 28-19-562Permit-by-Rule; Organic Solvent Evaporative Sources9/23/052/8/08, 73 FR 7468
K.A.R. 28-19-563Permit-by-Rule; Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities9/23/052/8/08, 73 FR 7468
K.A.R. 28-19-564Permit-by-Rule; Sources with Actual Emissions Less Than 50 Percent of Major Source Thresholds10/4/023/26/03, 68 FR 14540
Open Burning Restrictions
K.A.R. 28-19-645Open Burning Prohibited3/1/9610/2/96, 61 FR 51366
K.A.R. 28-19-646Responsibility for Open Burning3/1/9610/2/96, 61 FR 51366
K.A.R. 28-19-647Exceptions to Prohibition on Open Burning3/1/9610/2/96, 61 FR 51366
K.A.R. 28-19-648Agricultural Open Burning3/1/9610/2/96, 61 FR 51366
K.A.R. 28-19-650Emissions Opacity Limits1/29/9912/12/01, 66 FR 64148 (correction). 1/11/00, 65 FR 1545
Nitrogen Oxide Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-712Definitions6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-712aApplicability6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-712bGeneral requirement for heavy-duty diesel vehicles6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-712cGeneral requirement for load and unload locations6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-712dExemptions6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-713Applicability6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-713aEmission limitation requirements6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-713bAlternate emissions limit6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-713cControl measures and equipment6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
K.A.R. 28-19-713dCompliance demonstration, monitoring, and reporting requirements6/25/102/20/13, 78 FR 11751
Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
K.A.R. 28-19-714Control of Emissions from Solvent Metal Cleaning9/1/0210/30/02, 67 FR 66058
K.A.R. 28-19-717Control of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions from Commercial Bakery Ovens in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties12/22/0012/12/01, 66 FR 64148
K.A.R. 28-19-719Fuel Volatility4/27/012/13/02, 67 FR 6655
K.A.R. 28-19-800General Conformity of Federal Actions3/15/9610/2/96, 61 FR 51366

(d) EPA-approved State source-specific permits.

EPA-Approved Kansas Source-Specific Permits

Name of sourcePermit or case No.State
effective date
EPA approval dateExplanation
(1) Board of Public Utilities, Quindaro Power Station209004810/20/9310/18/94, 59 FR 52425
(2) Board of Public Utilities, Kaw Power Station209004910/20/9310/18/94, 59 FR 52425
(3) Kansas City Power and Light Company12/5/0712/27/11, 76 FR 80754Certain provisions withdrawn from plan as identified in letter dated 12/1/11 from Kansas.
(4) Westar Energy, Inc.2/29/0812/27/11, 76 FR 80759Certain provisions withdrawn from plan as identified in letter dated 12/1/11 from Kansas.
(5) Exide Technologies16900358/18/147/20/16, 81 FR 47034

(e) EPA-approved nonregulatory provisions and quasi-regulatory measures.

EPA-Approved Kansas Nonregulatory Provisions

Name of nonregulatory SIP
Applicable geographic or nonattainment areaState submittal dateEPA approval dateExplanation
(1) Implementation Plan for Attainment and Maintenance of the National Air Quality StandardsStatewide1/31/725/31/72, 37 FR 10867
(2) Comments on the Plan in Response to EPA ReviewKansas City3/24/726/22/73, 38 FR 16550Correction notice published 3/2/76.
(3) Emergency Episode Operations/Communications ManualKansas City4/6/7211/8/73, 38 FR 30876Correction notice published 3/2/76.
(4) Emergency Episode Operations/Communications ManualStatewide except Kansas City2/15/7311/8/73, 38 FR 30876Correction notice published 3/2/76.
(5) Letter Concerning Attainment of CO StandardsKansas City5/29/7311/8/73, 38 FR 30876Correction notice published 3/2/76.
(6) Amendment to State Air Quality Control Law Dealing with Public Access to Emissions DataStatewide7/27/7311/8/73, 38 FR 30876Correction notice published 3/2/76.
(7) Analysis and Recommendations Concerning Designation of Air Quality Maintenance AreasStatewide2/28/743/2/76, 41 FR 8956[FRL 484-4].
(8) Ozone Nonattainment PlanKansas City9/17/794/3/81, 46 FR 20164[A-7-FRL 1788-5].
(9) Ozone Nonattainment PlanDouglas County10/22/794/3/81, 46 FR 20164[A-7-FRL 1788-5].
(10) TSP Nonattainment PlanKansas City3/10/804/3/81, 46 FR 20164[A-7-FRL 1788-5].
(11) Lead PlanStatewide2/17/8110/22/81, 46 FR 51742[A-7-FRL-1938-8].
(12) CO Nonattainment PlanWichita4/16/8112/15/81, 46 FR 61117[A-7-FRL-1990-3].
(13) Air Monitoring PlanStatewide10/16/811/22/82, 47 FR 3112[A-7-FRL-2024-8].
(14) Letter and Supporting Documentation Relating to Reasonably Available Control Technology for Certain Particulate Matter SourcesKansas City9/15/816/18/82, 47 FR 26387[EPA Action KS 276; FRL 2137-6]. Correction notice published 1/12/84.
(15) Letter Agreeing to Follow EPA Interim Stack Height Policy for Each PSD Permit Issued Until EPA Revises the Stack Height RegulationsStatewide6/20/8412/11/84, 49 FR 48185[A-7-FRL-2734-4; EPA No 1163].
(16) Letters Pertaining to Permit FeesStatewide3/27/86, 9/15/8712/21/87, 52 FR 48265[FRL 3299-4].
(17) Revisions to the Ozone Attainment PlanKansas City7/2/86, 4/16/87, 8/18/87, 8/19/87, 1/6/885/18/88, 53 FR 17700[3375-5].
(18) Revised CO PlanWichita3/1/85, 9/3/8710/28/88, 53 FR 43691[FRL-3449-1].
(19) Letter Pertaining to the Effective Date of Continuous Emission Monitoring RegulationsStatewide1/6/8811/25/88, 53 FR 47690[FRL-3473-9].
(20) Letters Pertaining to New Source Permit Regulations, Stack Height Regulations, and Stack Height Analysis and Negative DeclarationsStatewide3/27/86, 12/7/87 1/6/884/20/89, 54 FR 15934[FRL-3558-5].
(21) PM10 PlanStatewide10/5/89, 10/16/891/16/90, 55 FR 1420[FRL-3704-3].
(22) Ozone Maintenance PlanKansas City10/23/916/23/92, 57 FR 27936[KS1-1-5439; FRL 4126-6].
(23) Letter Pertaining to PSD NOX RequirementsStatewide9/15/921/12/93, 58 FR 3847[KS-2-1-5640; FRL-4552-3].
(24) Small Business Assistance PlanStatewide1/25/945/12/94, 59 FR 24644[KS-3-1-8332; FRL-4882-4].
(25) Letter Regarding Compliance Verification Methods and Schedules Pertaining to the Board of Public Utilities Power PlantsKansas City12/11/9210/18/94, 59 FR 52425[KS-4-1-6508a; FRL-5079-2].
(26) Emissions Inventory Update Including a Motor Vehicle Emissions BudgetKansas City5/11/954/25/96, 61 FR 18251[KS-6-1-6985, MO-31-1-7153; FRL 5448-9].
(27) Air monitoring planStatewide1/6/028/30/02, 67 FR 55726[KS 162-1162a; FRL-7270-4].
(28) Maintenance Plan for the 1-hour ozone standard in the Kansas portion of the Kansas City maintenance area for the second ten-year periodKansas City1/9/031/13/04, 69 FR 1919[KS 202-1202; FRL-7608-9].
(29) Revision to Maintenance Plan for the 1-hour ozone standard in the Kansas portion of the Kansas City maintenance area for the second ten-year periodKansas City2/10/066/26/06, 71 FR 36213[EPA-R07-OAR-2006-0365; FRL-8188-4].
(30) CAA 110(a)(2)(D)(i) SIP—Interstate TransportStatewide1/7/073/9/07, 72 FR 10608[EPA-R07-OAR-2007-0141; FRL-8286-3].
(31) Maintenance Plan for the 8-hour ozone standard in the Kansas portion of the Kansas City areaKansas City5/23/078/9/07, 72 FR 44781[EPA-R07-OAR-2007-0620; FRL-8450-5] This plan replaces numbers (28) and (29).
(32) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 1997 8-Hour Ozone NAAQSStatewide1/8/08 7/20/097/11/11, 76 FR 40624[EPA-R07-OAR-2011-0304; FRL-9434-3]. This action addresses the following CAA elements as applicable: 111(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D)(ii), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L) and (M).
(33) Regional Haze Plan for the first implementation periodStatewide11/9/0912/27/11, 76 FR 80754[EPA-R07-OAR-2011-0675; FRL-9611-3]. Certain provisions withdrawn from plan as identified in letter dated 12/1/11 from Kansas.
(34) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 1997 PM2.5 NAAQSStatewide1/08/086/20/13, 78 FR 37126[EPA-R07-OAR-2013-0233; FRL-9825-6]. This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D)(i)(II) (prongs 3 and 4), D(ii), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L), and (M), except as noted.
(35) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 2006 PM2.5 NAAQSStatewide4/12/106/20/13, 78 FR 37126[EPA-R07-OAR-2013-0233; FRL-9825-6]. This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D)(i)(II) (prongs 3 and 4), D(ii), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L) and (M), except as noted.
(36) Section 128 Declaration: Kansas Department of Health and Environment Representation and Conflicts of Interest Provisions, Kansas Revised Statutes (KSA). KSA 46-221, KSA 46-229, KSA 46-247(c)Statewide3/19/136/20/13, 78 FR 37126[EPA-R07-OAR-2013-0233; FRL-9825-6].
(37) Section 110(a)(2) infrastructure Requirements for the 2008 Pb NAAQSStatewide1/13/129/15/14, 79 FR 54908[EPA-R07-OAR-2014-0271; FRL-9916-50-Region 7]. This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L) and (M).
(38) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 2008 O3 NAAQSStatewide3/19/1310/21/14, 79 FR 62861[EPA-R07-OAR-2014-0401; FRL-9918-19-Region 7]. This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D)(i)(II) (prongs 3 and 4), (D)(ii), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L) and (M) except as noted.
(39) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 2010 NO2 NAAQSStatewide3/19/1310/22/14, 79 FR 63044[EPA-R07-OAR-2014-0500; FRL-9918-11-Region 7]. This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110 (a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L) and (M).
(40) Cross State Air Pollution Rule—State-Determined Allowance Allocations for the 2016 control periodsStatewide3/30/158/21/2015, 80 FR 50789
(41) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 2008 O3 NAAQSStatewide3/19/20138/27/2015, 80 FR 51955This action addresses the visibility protection portion of section 110(a)(2)(J) of the CAA.
(42) State Implementation Plan (SIP) Revision for the Attainment and Maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Regional Haze (2014 Five-Year Progress Report)Statewide3/10/159/14/15, 80 FR 55030
(43) Attainment plan for 2008 lead NAAQSSalina2/3/157/20/16, 81 FR 47034[EPA-R07-OAR-2015-0708; 9949-13-Region 7].
(44) Section 110(a)(2) Infrastructure Requirements for the 2012 PM2.5 NAAQSStatewide11/16/159/9/16, 81 FR 62373This action addresses the following CAA elements: 110(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), (H), (J), (K), (L), and (M). 110(a)(2)(I) is not applicable. [EPA-R07-OAR-2016-0313; FRL-   ]

[64 FR 7098, Feb. 12, 1999]

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