Title 40

SECTION 52.778

52.778 Compliance schedules.

§ 52.778 Compliance schedules.

(a) The requirements of § 51.262(a) of this chapter are not met since the compliance schedules for sources of nitrogen oxides extend over a period of more than 18 months and periodic increments of progress are not included.

(b)-(c) [Reserved]

(d) The compliance schedule for the source identified below is disapproved as not meeting the requirements of subpart N of this chapter. All regulations cited are air pollution control regulations of the State, unless otherwise noted.

Source Location Regulation involved Date schedule adopted
lake county
Commonwealth Edison Co. of Indiana, Inc. (State Line Station) Hammond APC 13 Jan. 18, 1973.
[38 FR 12698 May 14, 1973, as amended at 39 FR 28158, Aug. 5, 1974; 51 FR 40675, 40676, 40677, Nov. 7, 1986; 54 FR 25258, June 14, 1989]