Title 40

SECTION 209.34

209.34 Reconsideration.

§ 209.34 Reconsideration.

Within five (5) days after service of the Environmental Appeals Board's decision, any party may file a petition for reconsideration of such decision, setting forth the relief desired and the grounds in support thereof. Petitions for reconsideration under this provision shall be directed to, and decided by, the Environmental Appeals Board. Petitions for reconsideration directed to the Administrator, rather than to the Environmental Appeals Board, will not be considered, except in cases that the Environmental Appeals Board has referred to the Administrator's pursuant to § 209.3(k) and in which the Administrator has issued the final order. Any petition filed under this subsection must be confined to new questions raised by the decision or final order and upon which the petitioner had no opportunity to argue before the administrative law judge or the Environmental Appeals Board. Any party desiring to oppose a petition shall file an answer thereto within five (5) days after service of the petition. The filing of a petition for reconsideration shall not operate to stay the effective date of the decision or order.

[57 FR 5345, Feb. 13, 1992]