Title 40 Part 209 → Subpart A → §209.20

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter G → Part 209 → Subpart A → §209.20

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Title 40 Part 209 → Subpart A → §209.20

§209.20   Conferences.

(a) At the discretion of the administrative law judge, conferences may be held prior to or during any hearing. The administrative law judge shall direct the hearing clerk to notify all parties of the time and location of any such conferences. At the discretion of the administrative law judge, persons other than parties may attend. At a conference the administrative law judge may:

(1) Obtain stipulations and admissions, receive requests and order depositions to be taken, identify disputed issues of fact and law, and require or allow the submission of written testimony from any witness or party.

(2) Set a hearing schedule for as many of the following as are deemed necessary by the administrative law judge:

(i) Oral and written statements;

(ii) Submission of written testimony as required or authorized by the administrative law judge;

(iii) Oral direct and cross-examination of a witness;

(iv) Oral argument, if appropriate;

(3) Identify matters of which official notice may be taken;

(4) Consider limitation of the number of expert and other witnesses;

(5) Consider the procedure to be followed at the hearing; and

(6) Consider any other matter that may expedite the hearing or aid in the disposition of the issue.

(b) The results of any conference including all stipulations shall, if not transcribed, be summarized in writing by the administrative law judge and made part of the record.

(c) The administrative law judge, on motion or sua sponte, may request correspondence from the parties for any of the objectives set forth in this section. Copies of the administrative law judge's request and the parties' correspondence shall be served upon all parties. The administrative law judge shall include such correspondence in the record and a written summary of any stipulation or agreement reached by means of such correspondence as provided in paragraph (b) of this section.