Title 38


200.8 AFRH participation in NEPA compliance by other agencies.

§ 200.8 AFRH participation in NEPA compliance by other agencies.

(a) AFRH may participate in the NEPA process as a cooperating agency for another lead agency's project, or as a commenter/reviewer of another agency's NEPA document. AFRH may also participate in environmental studies carried out by non-Federal parties (for example, a local government conducting studies under a State environmental policy law) where such studies are relevant to AFRH's interests or may be incorporated by AFRH into its own studies under NEPA. Where AFRH will be responsible for a decision on a project that is the subject of such a study, and has the authority to do so, AFRH will ensure that the study and its resulting documents meet the standards set forth in these regulations in coordination with the COO.

(b) As a cooperating agency, AFRH participates in the NEPA process as requested by the lead agency, in accordance with 40 CFR 1501.6 of the CEQ regulations. Tasks may include participating in meetings and providing specific information relevant to the matters over which it has jurisdiction by law or expertise.

(c) AFRH comments shall be prepared in consultation with, or by, the Master Planner.

(d) The responsible AFRH official may provide comments and/or reviews of another agency's NEPA documents, and/or other Federal and State environmental documents.

(e) AFRH comments shall be provided in accordance with 40 CFR 1503.3.