Title 37 Part 382 → Subpart C → §382.23

Title 37 → Chapter III → Subchapter E → Part 382 → Subpart C → §382.23

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§382.23   Adjustments to royalty fee.

(a) Reduction for Direct License Share. The royalty fee specified in §382.21(a) may be reduced by the percentage of Eligible Transmissions comprising the Direct License Share.

(1) The Direct License Share reduction is available to a Licensee only if—

(i) The Reference Channels constitute a large majority of and are generally representative of the music channels offered on the Licensee's SDARS; and

(ii) The Licensee provides the Collective, by no later than the due date for the relevant payment under §382.3(d), a list of each Copyright Owner from which the Licensee claims to have a direct license of rights to Directly-Licensed Recordings that is in effect for the month for which the payment is made and of each sound recording for which the Licensee takes the reduction, identified by featured artist name, sound recording title, and International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) number or, alternatively to the ISRC, album title and copyright owner name. Notwithstanding §382.6, the Collective may disclose such information as reasonably necessary for it to confirm whether a claimed direct license exists and claimed sound recordings are properly excludable.

(2) To arrive at the percentage allocable to the Direct License Share for each month, the Licensee shall divide the internet Performances of Directly-Licensed Recordings on the Reference Channels by the total number of internet Performances of all sound recordings on the Reference Channels. In no event shall the Direct License Share be an amount greater than the result of dividing the number of plays of Directly-Licensed Recordings on the SDARS by the total number of plays of all sound recordings on the SDARS.

(b) Definition of Performance. For purposes of this section, Performance means:

(1) Except as discussed in paragraph (c)(2) of this section, a Performance is an instance in which any portion of a sound recording is publicly performed to a listener within the United States by means of a Digital Audio Transmission (e.g., the delivery of any portion of a single track from a compact disc to one listener).

(2) An instance in which a portion of a sound recording is publicly performed to a listener within the United States by means of a Digital Audio Transmission is not a Performance if it both:

(i) Makes no more than incidental use of sound recordings including, but not limited to, brief musical transitions in and out of commercials or program segments, brief use during news, talk and sports programming, brief background use during disk jockey announcements, brief use during commercials of sixty seconds or less in duration, or brief use during sporting or other public events; and

(ii) Does not contain an entire sound recording and does not feature a particular sound recording of more than thirty seconds (as in the case of a sound recording used as a theme song), except for ambient music that is background at a public event.

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