Title 37


150.3 Submission of requests.

§ 150.3 Submission of requests.

(a) Requests for the issuance of a section 902 proclamation shall be submitted by foreign governments for review by the Director.

(b) Requests for issuance of a proclamation shall include:

(1) A copy of the foreign law or legal rulings that provide protection for U.S. mask works which provide a basis for the request.

(2) A copy of any regulations or administrative orders implementing the protection.

(3) A copy of any laws, regulations or administrative orders establishing or regulating the registration (if any) of mask works.

(4) Any other relevant laws, regulations or administrative orders.

(5) All copies of laws, legal rulings, regulations or administrative orders submitted must be in unedited, full-text form, and if possible, must be reproduced from the original document.

(6) All material submitted must be in the original language, and if not in English, must be accompanied by a certified English translation.