Title 36

SECTION 1254.76

1254.76 What procedures do I follow to copy formerly national security-classified documents

§ 1254.76 What procedures do I follow to copy formerly national security-classified documents?

(a) We must properly cancel security classification markings (Confidential, Secret, Top Secret) and other restricted markings on declassified records before documents are copied. Only a NARA staff member can cancel security markings. Properly declassified documents bear the declassification authority as required by 32 CFR 2001.24.

(b) You may not remove from the research room copies of documents bearing uncancelled classification markings. We confiscate copies of documents with uncancelled markings.

(c) When you copy individual documents, the research room staff cancels the classification markings on each page of the copy and places the declassification authority on the first page of each document. If you copy only selected pages from a document, you must make a copy of the first page bearing the declassification authority and attach that page to any subsequent page(s) you copy from the document. You must show this declassification authority to the guard or research room attendant when you remove copies of documents from the research room or the building.

(d) Before you copy formerly-classified materials, we provide you with a declassification strip, which you attach to the copier. The strip reproduces on each page copied and cancels the security markings. We may also provide a declassification strip to attach to your personal copier or scanner.

(e) Staff at Presidential libraries cancel security markings before documents are provided to researchers in research rooms.