Title 32 Part 2800 → §2800.6

Title 32 → Subtitle B → Chapter XXVIII → Part 2800 → §2800.6

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Title 32 Part 2800 → §2800.6

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Title 32Subtitle BChapter XXVIIIPart 2800 → §2800.6

Title 32: National Defense

§2800.6   Delegation of classification and declassification authority.

Pursuant to the provisions of sections 1-201 and 3-103 of E.O. 12065 of June 28, 1978, the following officials within the Office of the Vice President, are designated to originally classify and declassify information as “SECRET” and/or “CONFIDENTIAL”:

(a) Chief of Staff to the Vice President.

(b) Counsel to the Vice President.

(c) Executive Assistant to the Vice President.

(d) Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs.

(e) Assistant to the Vice President for Issues Development and Domestic Policy.

(f) Additionally, the following individuals are designated to declassify “SECRET” and/or “CONFIDENTIAL” information in accordance with section 3-103 of E.O. 12065:

(i) Staff Security Officer/Top Secret Control Officer.

(ii) Assistant Staff Security Officer/Assistant Top Secret Control Officer.