Title 32 Part 2002 → Subpart C → §2002.46

Title 32 → Subtitle B → Chapter XX → Part 2002 → Subpart C → §2002.46

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Title 32 Part 2002 → Subpart C → §2002.46

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Title 32Subtitle BChapter XXPart 2002Subpart C → §2002.46

Title 32: National Defense
Subpart C—CUI Program Management

§2002.46   CUI and the Privacy Act.

The fact that records are subject to the Privacy Act of 1974 does not mean that agencies must mark them as CUI. Consult agency policies or guidance to determine which records may be subject to the Privacy Act; consult the CUI Registry to determine which privacy information must be marked as CUI. Information contained in Privacy Act systems of records may also be subject to controls under other CUI categories or subcategories and the agency may need to mark that information as CUI for that reason. In addition, when determining whether the agency must protect certain information under the Privacy Act, or whether the Privacy Act allows the agency to release the information to an individual, the agency must base its decision on the content of the information and the Privacy Act's criteria, regardless of whether an agency designates or marks the information as CUI.