Title 32

SECTION 2002.34

2002.34 Transferring records.

§ 2002.34 Transferring records.

(a) When feasible, agencies must decontrol records containing CUI prior to transferring them to NARA.

(b) When an agency cannot decontrol records before transferring them to NARA, the agency must:

(1) Indicate on a Transfer Request (TR) in NARA's Electronic Records Archives (ERA) or on an SF 258 paper transfer form, that the records should continue to be controlled as CUI (subject to NARA's regulations on transfer, public availability, and access; see 36 CFR parts 1235, 1250, and 1256); and

(2) For hard copy transfer, do not place a CUI marking on the outside of the container.

(c) If the agency does not indicate the status as CUI on the TR or SF 258, NARA may assume the agency decontrolled the information prior to transfer, regardless of any CUI markings on the actual records.