Title 32

SECTION 776.19

776.19 Principles.

§ 776.19 Principles.

Subpart B of this part is based on the following principles. Interpretation of subpart B of this part should flow from their common meaning. To the extent that any ambiguity or conflict exists, subpart B of this part should be interpreted consistent with these general principles.

(a) Covered attorneys shall:

(1) Obey the law and applicable military regulations, and counsel clients to do so.

(2) Follow all applicable ethics rules.

(3) Protect the legal rights and interests of clients, organizational and individual.

(4) Be honest and truthful in all dealings.

(5) Not derive personal gain, except as authorized, for the performance of legal services.

(6) Maintain the integrity of the legal profession.

(b) Ethical rules should be consistent with law. If law and ethics conflict, the law prevails unless an ethical rule is constitutionally based.

(c) The military criminal justice system is a truth-finding process consistent with constitutional law.