Title 32 Part 705 → §705.5

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Title 32 Part 705 → §705.5

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Title 32Subtitle AChapter VISubchapter APart 705 → §705.5

Title 32: National Defense

§705.5   Taking of photos on board naval ships, aircraft and installations by members of the general public.

(a) Visitors will not be allowed to take photographic equipment on board a naval ship or aircraft or into a naval activity or to take photographs within a naval jurisdiction unless specially authorized by the officer in command or higher authority.

(b) Guests of the Navy who wish to take photos within naval jurisdictions will be advised of areas where photography is permitted. An escort will be assigned to assure that security is maintained, unless photography is permitted throughout the ship, aircraft or installation, or the areas in which it is not permitted are appropriately guarded or secured.

(c) If there is reason to believe that film exposed by a visitor or media photographer contains classified information, the film will be processed under Navy jurisdiction.

(1) Classified photos, if any, will be retained. All unclassified film will be returned to the owner.

(2) When film exposed by civilian visitors or media representatives in sensitive areas is beyond the capability of the local command to process, it may be forwarded to the Commanding Officer, Naval Photographic Center, for processing. Any special processing instructions should be sent with the film.