Title 32 Part 553 → Subpart A → §553.14

Title 32 → Subtitle A → Chapter V → Subchapter D → Part 553 → Subpart A → §553.14

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Title 32 Part 553 → Subpart A → §553.14

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Title 32Subtitle AChapter VSubchapter DPart 553Subpart A → §553.14

Title 32: National Defense
Subpart A-Army National Military Cemeteries

§553.14   Eligibility for interment of cremated remains in the Arlington National Cemetery Unmarked Area.

(a) The cremated remains of any person eligible for interment in Arlington National Cemetery as described in §553.12 may be interred in the designated Arlington National Cemetery Unmarked Area.

(b) Cremated remains must be interred in a biodegradable container or placed directly into the ground without a container. Cremated remains are not authorized to be scattered at this site or at any location within Arlington National Cemetery.

(c) There will be no headstone or marker for any person choosing this method of interment. A permanent register will be maintained by the Executive Director.

(d) Consistent with the one-gravesite-per-family policy, once a person is interred in the Unmarked Area, any derivatively eligible persons and spouses must be interred in this manner. This includes spouses who are also primarily eligible persons. No additional gravesite, niche, or memorial marker in a memorial area will be authorized.