Title 32


327.3 Responsibilities.

§ 327.3 Responsibilities.

(a) The Director, DeCA. (1) Supervises the execution of the Privacy Act and this part within the DeCA, and serves as the DeCA Privacy Act Appeal Authority.

(2) Appoints:

(i) The Executive Director for Support as the DeCA Initial Denial Authority for the DeCA Privacy Act Program.

(ii) The Records Manager, Office of Safety, Security, and Administration as the DeCA Privacy Act Officer.

(b) The Privacy Act Officer, DeCA. (1) Establishes and manages the PA program for DeCA.

(2) Provides guidance, assistance and training.

(3) Controls and monitors all requests received and prepares documentation to the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for response.

(4) Prepares response to requester based on information provided by the OPR.

(5) Signs all response requests for releasable information to the requester after coordination through the General Counsel. Ensures that all denied requests for information are released by the DeCA Initial Denial Authority.

(6) Publishes instructions to contractors that:

(i) Provide DeCA Privacy program guidance to their personnel who solicit, award, or administer government contracts;

(ii) Inform prospective contractors of their responsibilities regarding the DeCA Privacy Program; and

(iii) Establish an internal system of contractor performance review to ensure compliance with DeCA's Privacy program.

(iv) Prepare and submit System Notices to the Defense Privacy Office for publication in the Federal Register.

(7) Maintain Privacy Case files and records of disclosure accounting.

(8) Submit the DeCa Annual Privacy Act Report (RCS: DD-DA&M(A)1379) to the Defense Privacy Office.

(c) DeCA Directorates/Staff Offices. (1) Provide response and the information requested to the PA Officer for release to the individual.

(2) In the event the information is to be denied release, the requested information and rationale for denial will be forwarded to the PA Officer for denial determination.

(d) Regions. Regional Directors will appoint a Regional PA Coordinator who will maintain suspense control of PA actions, prepare documentation to the OPR for response, forward the information to the DeCA PA Officer for release determination, and notify the requester that the response will be received from the DeCA PA Officer using the format in Appendix A to this part.

(e) DeCA Field Operating Activities (FOAs). (1) Upon receipt of a PA request that has not been received from the DeCA PA Officer, notify the DeCA PA Officer within 2 days.

(2) Collect all information available and forward to the DeCA PA Officer. If the requested information is not available, provide the DeCA PA Officer the rationale to respond to the requester.

(f) Central Distribution Centers (CDCs) and Commissaries. (1) Upon receipt of a PA request, not received from the Region Coordinator, notify the Region Coordinator within 2 days.

(2) Collect all information available and forward it to the Region Coordinator for submission to DeCA PA Officer. If requested information is not available, provide the Region Coordinator the rationale so they can prepare a response to the DeCA PA Officer. If the information is available but determined to be exempt, provide the Region Coordinator with the requested information and specific reasons why the request should be denied. The Region Coordinator will formalize a reply to the DeCA PA Officer, forwarding requested information and reasons for denial. The DeCA PA Officer will prepare the response to the requester with coordination by the General Counsel and signature by the IDA.