Title 32


245.9 Authority.

§ 245.9 Authority.

(a) E.O. 12656, 18 November 1988, which assigns emergency preparedness functions to Federal departments and agencies.

(b) E.O. 13074, Amendment to E.O. 12656, February 9, 1998.

(c) E.O. 13286, Amendment of E.O. 13276, 13274, 13271, 13260, 13257, 13254, and 13231, and Other Actions, in Connection With the Transfer of Certain Functions to the Secretary of Homeland Security, February 28, 2003.

(d) Title 10 U.S.C. - Armed Forces.

(e) Title 49 U.S.C., Subtitle VII - Aviation Programs.

(f) Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

(g) Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 (Pub. L. 107-71), establishes the TSA and transfers civil aviation security responsibilities from FAA to TSA.

(h) Homeland Security Act of 2002 (Pub. L. 107-296), establishes DHS and transfers the transportation security functions of the DOT and Secretary of Transportation and the TSA to DHS.

(i) DoD Directive 5030.19, 1 “DoD Responsibilities on Federal Aviation and National Airspace System Matters,” outlines DoD/ NORAD responsibilities for the development of plans and policies in concert with the DOT, FAA and USCG for the establishment of a system for identification and emergency security control of air traffic.

1 Copies may be obtained at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/dir2.html.