Title 32

SECTION 245.31

245.31 ESCAT test.

§ 245.31 ESCAT test.

For ESCAT testing, the responsible military commander will notify the ATCSCC using the following sample statement:

(a) Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, this is CONUS NORAD Region with a NORAD exercise message for ___ (State exercise name) ___.

Simulate implementing ESCAT for ___ (Specified Area) ___.

The following air control measures are being implemented. (Some examples are: Flight restricted zones, Temporary Flight Restrictions, and/or other specific air control measures for operators.) _____, _____, _____, _____.

All aircraft not previously mentioned as exemptions are restricted from flight in the affected area until further notice.


EATPL Priorities ____ through ____ are being implemented.

ATCSCC will advise the appropriate military commander when the affected FAA ATC facilities have reported simulating ESCAT.

This is an exercise message for ___ (State exercise name) ___. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

(b) ATCSCC will notify ARTCC(s)/CERAP(s).

(c) ARTCC(s)/CERAP(s) will notify all appropriate U.S. civil and military approach control facilities and FSS. Upon completion of all actions, the implementation completion time will be forwarded to the ATCSCC.

(d) ATCSCC will provide completion times to the appropriate military authority.

(e) Tests should normally be conducted in conjunction with scheduled headquarters NORAD approved exercises. Individual NORAD Regions and Sectors may conduct tests when test objectives are local in nature and prior coordination has been effected with the ATCSCC.

(g) A narrative summary of each test will be prepared by the ATCSCC and copies sent to the appropriate military authority. Each military authority will, in turn, forward copies of the summary to HQ NORAD and DHS.