Title 32

SECTION 245.22

245.22 Policy for application of EATPL.

§ 245.22 Policy for application of EATPL.

(a) The originator of an aircraft flight operation under the EATPL shall be responsible for determining and verifying that the mission meets the appropriate definition and priority in accordance with the list described in § 245.22 of this part , and ensuring a security check of crew, cargo and aircraft has been completed prior to take off.

(b) The individual filing the flight plan will be responsible for including the priority number as determined by the originator of the aircraft flight operation, in the remarks section of the flight plan.

(c) Situations may occur that cannot be controlled by the EATPL. Aircraft emergencies and inbound international flights that have reached the point of no return, including foreign air carrier flights en route to safe haven airports in accordance with specific international agreements are examples of such situations. These events must be treated individually through coordination between ATC and appropriate military authorities in consideration of the urgency of the in-flight situation and existing tactical military conditions.

(d) Exceptions to EATPL. (1) DoD aircraft in priorities three through seven that do not meet EATPL restrictions may request an exemption from the appropriate military authority. For the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada, requests shall be submitted to the appropriate NORAD Sector. For Hawaii, Guam, Wake Island, other U.S. Pacific Territories, and Pacific oceanic airspace over which FAA has air traffic control jurisdiction by international agreement, requests shall be submitted to the designated AADC.

(2) For Federal, State, local government agencies and aircraft in priority eight, a Security Control Authorization may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Requests for SCAs will be coordinated through TSA. TSA will forward those requests that it recommends for approval to the appropriate military authority. Aircraft with a SCA shall have a Security Assurance Check prior to take off. Refer to specific SCA procedures provided in separate agreement between the appropriate military authority and TSA.

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