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360.6 Authorized forms of registration.

§ 360.6 Authorized forms of registration.

Subject to any limitations or restrictions contained in these regulations on the right of any person to be named as owner, coowner, or beneficiary, bonds should be registered as indicated in this section. A savings bond registered in a form not substantially in agreement with one of the forms authorized by this subpart is not considered validly issued.

(a) Natural persons. A bond may be registered in the names of individuals in their own right, but only in one of the forms authorized by this paragraph (a).

(1) Single ownership form. A bond may be registered in the name of one individual.

Example:Julie B. Jones, 123-45-6789.

(2) Coownership form. A bond may be registered in the names of two individuals in the alternative as coowners. The form of registration “A and B” is not authorized.

Examples:David R. Johnson 123-45-6789 or Anna B. Johnson. Maria S. Gonzalez 987-65-4321 or Juan C. Gonzalez.

(3) Beneficiary form. A bond may be registered in the name of one individual payable on death to another. “Payable on death to” may be abbreviated to “P.O.D.”.

Examples:Catherine B. Jordan 123-45-6789 payable on death to Daniel A. Jordan. Henry C. Rodriguez 123-45-6789 P.O.D. Maria S. Rodriguez.

(b) Fiduciaries (including legal guardians, trustees, and similar representatives) - (1) General. A bond may be registered in the name of any person or persons or any organization acting as fiduciary of a single fiduciary estate, but not where the fiduciary will hold the bond merely or principally as security for the performance of a duty, obligation, or service. A bond's registration should conform to a form authorized by this paragraph. A common trust fund established and maintained by a financial institution authorized to act as a fiduciary will be considered a single fiduciary estate within the meaning of the regulations in this part.

(2) Legal guardians, conservators, similar representatives, certain custodians, etc. A bond may be registered in the name and fiduciary capacity of the legally appointed or authorized representative of the estate of a minor, incompetent, aged or infirm person, absentee, et al., or of a personal or testamentary trust.

Examples:Tenth National Bank, Guardian (or Conservator, Trustee, etc.) of the Estate of George N. Brown 123-45-6789, a minor (or an incompetent, aged person, infirm person, or absentee). Henry C. Smith, Conservator of the Estate of John R. White 123-45-6789, an adult, pursuant to Sec. 633.572 of the Iowa Code. Juan B. Gonzalez 123-45-6789, a minor (or an incompetent) under custodianship by designation of the Veterans Administration. Frank M. Redd 123-45-6789, an incompetent for whom Eric A. Redd has been designated trustee by the Department of the Army pursuant to 37 U.S.C. 602. Richard A. Rowe 123-45-6789, for whom Reba L. Rowe is representative payee for social security benefits (or black lung benefits, as the case may be). Henry L. Green 123-45-6789 or George M. Brown, a minor under legal guardianship of the Tenth National Bank. Henry L. Green 123-45-6789 P.O.D. George M. Brown, a minor under legal guardianship of the Tenth National Bank. Harbor State Hospital and School, selected payee for Beth R. Weber 123-45-6789, a Civil Service annuitant, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 8345(e). John F. Green or Mary B. Doe, Trustees of the Estate of Moe Green 123-45-6789. Thomas J. White and Tenth National Bank, Trustees under the Will of Robert J. Benjamin, deceased 12-3456789. Tenth National Bank, Trustee under Agreement with Mark S. Dunston, dated 2/1/98, 12-3456789. Ruth B. Grace and Pat A. Banks, Trustees under Agreement with Susan L. Chambers, dated 7/30/97, 12-3456789. Dennis R. Adams, Trustee under Declaration of Trust, dated 5/1/98, 12-3456789.

(3) Employee thrift, savings, vacation and similar plans. Bonds may be registered in the name and title, or title alone, of the trustee of an eligible employee thrift, savings, vacation, 401(k) or similar plan, as defined in § 360.13. If the instrument creating the trust provides that the trustees shall serve for a limited term, their names may be omitted.

Examples:Tenth National Bank, trustee of Pension Fund of Safety Manufacturing Company, U/A with the company, dated March 31, 1996, 12-3456789.

Trustees of Retirement Fund of Safety Manufacturing Company, under directors' resolution adopted March 31, 1996, 12-3456789.

County Trust Company, trustee of the Employee Savings Plan of Jones Company, Inc., U/A dated January 17, 1996, 12-3456789.

Trustees of the Employee Savings Plan of Brown Brothers, Inc., U/A dated January 20, 1996, 12-3456789.

(c) The United States Treasury. A person who desires to have a bond become the property of the United States upon his or her death may designate the United States Treasury as beneficiary.

Example:George T. Jones 123-45-6789 P.O.D. the United States Treasury. [63 FR 38049, July 14, 1998, as amended at 71 FR 46858, Aug. 15, 2006]