Title 31


360.5 General rules.

§ 360.5 General rules.

(a) Registration is conclusive of ownership. Definitive savings bonds were issued only in registered form. The registration must express the actual ownership of, and interest in, the bond. The registration is conclusive of ownership, except as provided in § 360.49.

(b) Requests for registration. (1) Registrations requested must be clear, accurate and complete, conform substantially with one of the forms set forth in this subpart, and include the taxpayer identifying number of the owner or first-named coowner. The registration of all bonds owned by the same individual or fiduciary estate should be uniform with respect to the name of the owner and any description of the fiduciary capacity.

(2) An individual should be designated by the name he or she is ordinarily known by or uses in business, including at least one full given name. The name may be preceded or followed by any applicable title, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr., Rev., M.D., or D.D. A suffix, such as Sr. or Jr., must be included when ordinarily used or when necessary to distinguish the owner from another member of his family. A married woman's own first name, not that of her husband, must be used, for example, Mary A. Jones or Mrs. Mary A. Jones, NOT Mrs. Frank B. Jones. The address must include, where appropriate, the number and street, route, or any other local feature, city, State, and ZIP Code.

(c) Registration of bonds purchased as gifts. If the bonds were purchased as gifts, awards, prizes, etc., and the taxpayer identifying numbers of the intended owners are not known, the purchaser's number must be furnished. Bonds so registered will not be associated with the purchaser's own holdings. A bond registered in the name of a purchaser with another person as coowner or beneficiary is not considered a gift or an award. If the purchaser so requests, a bond may be inscribed to provide a “Mail to” instruction, followed by a delivery name and address. No rights of ownership are conferred on such designee.

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