Title 31

SECTION 360.45

360.45 General.

§ 360.45 General.

Reissue of a bond may be made only under the conditions specified in these regulations, and only at: A designated Federal Reserve Bank or Branch, or the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Reissue will not be made if the request is received less than one full calendar month before the maturity date of a bond. See 31 CFR part 359. The request, however, will be effective to establish ownership as though the requested reissue had been made. We reserve the right to reissue savings bonds in book-entry form only. See § 360.48(a).

[63 FR 38049, July 14, 1998, as amended at 76 FR 66856, Oct. 28, 2011; 79 FR 8860, Feb. 14, 2014]