Title 31

SECTION 360.39

360.39 Surrender for payment.

§ 360.39 Surrender for payment.

(a) Procedure for definitive bonds of Series I presented at authorized paying agents. The owner, coowner, or other person entitled to payment of a definitive Series I bond may present the bond to an authorized paying agent for redemption. The presenter must establish his or her identity and entitlement to payment in accordance with Treasury instructions and identification guidelines. The presenter must sign the request for payment on the bond or, if authorized, on a separate detached request, and add his or her address. If the request for payment has been signed, or signed and certified, before presentation of the bond, the paying agent must be satisfied that the person presenting the bond for payment is the owner, coowner, or other person entitled to payment, and may require the person to sign the request for payment again. If the bond is in order for payment, the paying agent will make payment at the current redemption value without charge to the presenter. Paying agents are not authorized to process any case involving partial redemption.

(b) Procedure for all other cases. In the case of definitive bonds to which the procedure in paragraph (a) of this section, does not apply, or if otherwise preferred, the owner or coowner, or other person entitled to payment should establish his or her identity to the satisfaction of an officer authorized by the regulations in this part to certify requests for payment, sign the requests for payment, and provide delivery information for the payment. The bonds must be forwarded to a designated Federal Reserve Bank or Branch or the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Usually, payment will be expedited by submission to a designated Federal Reserve Bank or Branch. In all cases, the cost and risk of presentation of a bond will be borne by the owner. Payment will be made to the registered owner or other person entitled and will be delivered according to the instructions of the owner or the other person entitled and the regulations in this part.

(c) Date of request. Requests executed more than six months before the date of receipt of a bond for payment will not be accepted. Neither will a bond be accepted if payment is requested as of a date more than three months in the future.