Title 29 Part 4022 → Subpart F → §4022.94

Title 29 → Subtitle B → Chapter XL → Subchapter D → Part 4022 → Subpart F → §4022.94

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Title 29 Part 4022 → Subpart F → §4022.94

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Title 29Subtitle BChapter XLSubchapter DPart 4022Subpart F → §4022.94

Title 29: Labor
Subpart F—Certain Payments Owed Upon Death

§4022.94   What are the PBGC's rules on designating a person to get benefits the PBGC may owe me at the time of my death?

(a) When you may designate. At any time on or after the date we take over your plan, you may designate with us who will get any benefits we owe you at the time of your death.

(b) Change of designee. If you want to change the person(s) you designate with us, you must submit another designation to us.

(c) If your designee dies before you—(1) In general. If the person(s) you designate with us dies before you or at the same time as you, we will treat you as not having designated anyone with us (unless you named an alternate designee who survives you). Therefore, you should keep your designation with us current.

(2) Simultaneous deaths. If you and a person you designated die as a result of the same event, we will treat you and that person as having died at the same time, provided you and that person die within 30 days of each other.

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