Title 29 Part 1960 → Subpart F → §1960.39

Title 29 → Subtitle B → Chapter XVII → Part 1960 → Subpart F → §1960.39

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Title 29 Part 1960 → Subpart F → §1960.39

§1960.39   Agency responsibilities.

(a) Agencies shall make available to committees all agency information relevant and necessary to their duties, except where prohibited by law. Examples of such information include, but are not limited to: The agency's safety and health policies and program; human and financial resources available to implement the program; accident, injury, and illness data; epidemiological data; employee exposure monitoring data; Material Safety Data Sheets; inspection reports; reprisal investigation reports; abatement plans; NIOSH hazard evaluation reports; and internal and external evaluation reports.

(b) Agencies shall provide all committee members appropriate training as required by subpart H of this part.

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