Title 29 Part 1960 → Subpart E → §1960.35

Title 29 → Subtitle B → Chapter XVII → Part 1960 → Subpart E → §1960.35

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Title 29 Part 1960 → Subpart E → §1960.35

§1960.35   National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

(a) The Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) shall, upon request by the Secretary, assist in:

(1) Evaluations of Federal agency safety and health programs;

(2) Investigations of possible safety and health hazards and

(3) Inspections resulting from employee or committee reports of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions.

(b) The Director of NIOSH shall provide a Hazard Evaluation (HE) program for Federal agencies. This program shall be designed to respond to requests for assistance in determining whether or not safety or health hazards are present in a Federal workplace. Requests for such Hazard Evaluations may be submitted to the Director by:

(1) The Secretary of Labor;

(2) The Head of a Federal agency;

(3) An agency safety and health committee if half the committee requests such service; and

(4) Employees who are not covered by a certified safety and health committee.

(c) The Director of NIOSH may assist agencies by providing hazard alerts, technical services, training materials and conducting training programs upon request by an agency and with reimbursement.