Title 28 Part 345 → Subpart H → §345.81

Title 28 → Chapter III → Part 345 → Subpart H → §345.81

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Title 28 Part 345 → Subpart H → §345.81

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Title 28Chapter IIIPart 345Subpart H → §345.81

Title 28: Judicial Administration
Subpart H—FPI Inmate Training and Scholarship Programs

§345.81   Pre-industrial training.

FPI encourages the development and use of pre-industrial training programs. Such training ordinarily provides benefits to the inmate and to the FPI factory. Pre-industrial training also provides an additional management tool for replacing inmate idleness with constructive activity. Accordingly, each FPI factory location may provide a pre-industrial training program.

(a) Pre-industrial program trainees shall ordinarily begin at the entry level pay grade (grade 5). Positions for pre-industrial training programs are filled in the same manner as other grade five positions.

(b) Pre-industrial training is not a prerequisite for work placement if the inmate already possesses the needed skill.

(c) If pre-industrial training is available and the worker has not completed both the skill training and orientation phases of pre-industrial training, the inmate should be put into the first available training class.

(d) When pre-industrial training is not available, new FPI assignees will receive on-the-job training in pre-industrial pay status for a period of at least 30 days before being promoted into available fourth grade jobs.

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