Title 28 Part 345 → Subpart F → §345.56

Title 28 → Chapter III → Part 345 → Subpart F → §345.56

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Title 28 Part 345 → Subpart F → §345.56

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Title 28Chapter IIIPart 345Subpart F → §345.56

Title 28: Judicial Administration
Subpart F—Inmate Pay and Benefits

§345.56   Vacation pay.

Inmate workers are granted FPI vacation pay by the SOI when their continued good work performance justifies such pay, based on such criteria as quality of work, attendance and punctuality, attentiveness, and adherence to industry operating regulations. The inmate must submit a written request for vacation time, ordinarily two weeks in advance of the requested vacation time. The work supervisor must recommend to the SOI the vacation time to be taken or paid. Eligibility for vacation pay must be verified by the Business Office prior to approval by the SOI. The SOI may declare an inmate ineligible for vacation credit because of an inmate's unsatisfactory work performance during the month in which such credit was to occur.

(a) An inmate may take accrued vacation time for visits, participation in institution programs or for other good reasons at the discretion of the SOI. Industrial managers should make every reasonable attempt to schedule an inmate worker's vacations so as not to conflict with the workforce requirements of FPI factory production schedules and Inmate Systems Management requirements.

(b) An inmate temporarily assigned to the Industrial detail, e.g., on construction details, also earns vacation credit which he or she must take or be paid for at the end of the temporary assignment.

(c) An inmate must take and/or be paid for vacation credit within sixty days after each annual eligibility date of the inmate's most recent date of assignment to FPI. An inmate who elects not to take vacation time must indicate this in writing. That inmate shall receive pay for the annual vacation credit in a lump sum on the regular monthly payroll. This amount is ordinarily paid within sixty days after the annual eligibility date of the inmate's most recent date of assignment to FPI. An inmate whose employment is terminated by release, reassignment, transfer, or other reasons, and who has unused vacation credit shall be paid for this credit on the monthly payroll.

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