Title 27 Part 8 → Subpart D → §8.54

Title 27 → Chapter I → Subchapter A → Part 8 → Subpart D → §8.54

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Title 27 Part 8 → Subpart D → §8.54

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Title 27Chapter ISubchapter APart 8Subpart D → §8.54

Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms
Subpart D—Exclusion

§8.54   Criteria for determining retailer independence.

The criteria specified in this section are indications that a particular practice, other than those in §§8.52 and 8.53, places retailer independence at risk. A practice need not meet all of the criteria specified in this section in order to place retailer independence at risk.

(a) The practice restricts or hampers the free economic choice of a retailer to decide which products to purchase or the quantity in which to purchase them for sale to consumers.

(b) The industry member obligates the retailer to participate in the promotion to obtain the industry member's product.

(c) The retailer has a continuing obligation to purchase or otherwise promote the industry member's product.

(d) The retailer has a commitment not to terminate its relationship with the industry member with respect to purchase of the industry member's products.

(e) The practice involves the industry member in the day-to-day operations of the retailer. For example, the industry member controls the retailer's decisions on which brand of products to purchase, the pricing of products, or the manner in which the products will be displayed on the retailer's premises.

(f) The practice is discriminatory in that it is not offered to all retailers in the local market on the same terms without business reasons present to justify the difference in treatment.