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Title 22 Part 40 → Subpart L

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Title 22Chapter ISubchapter EPart 40 → Subpart L

Title 22: Foreign Relations

Subpart L—Failure to Comply with INA

§40.201   Failure of application to comply with INA.

(a) Refusal under INA 221(g). The consular officer shall refuse an alien's visa application under INA 221(g)(2) as failing to comply with the provisions of INA or the implementing regulations if:

(1) The applicant fails to furnish information as required by law or regulations;

(2) The application contains a false or incorrect statement other than one which would constitute a ground of ineligibility under INA 212(a)(6)(C);

(3) The application is not supported by the documents required by law or regulations;

(4) The applicant refuses to be fingerprinted as required by regulations;

(5) The necessary fee is not paid for the issuance of the visa or, in the case of an immigrant visa, for the application therefor;

(6) In the case of an immigrant visa application, the alien fails to swear to, or affirm, the application before the consular officer; or

(7) The application otherwise fails to meet specific requirements of law or regulations for reasons for which the alien is responsible.

(b) Reconsideration of refusals. A refusal of a visa application under paragraph (a)(1) of this section does not bar reconsideration of the application upon compliance by the applicant with the requirements of INA and the implementing regulations or consideration of a subsequent application submitted by the same applicant.

[56 FR 30422, July 2, 1991, as amended at 61 FR 1835, Jan. 24, 1996. Redesignated at 61 FR 59184, Nov. 21, 1996]

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§40.202   Certain former exchange visitors.

An alien who was admitted into the United States as an exchange visitor, or who acquired such status after admission, and who is within the purview of INA 212(e) as amended by the Act of April 7, 1970, (84 Stat. 116) and by the Act of October 12, 1976, (90 Stat. 2301), is not eligible to apply for or receive an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant visa under INA 101(a)(15) (H), (K), or (L), notwithstanding the approval of a petition on the alien's behalf, unless:

(a) It has been established that the alien has resided and has been physically present in the country of the alien's nationality or last residence for an aggregate of at least 2 years following the termination of the alien's exchange visitor status as required by INA 212(e), or

(b) The foreign residence requirement of INA 212(e) has been waived by the Secretary of Homeland Security in the alien's behalf.

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§40.203   Alien entitled to A, E, or G nonimmigrant classification.

An alien entitled to nonimmigrant classification under INA 101(a)(15) (A), (E), or (G) who is applying for an immigrant visa and who intends to continue the activities required for such nonimmigrant classification in the United States is not eligible to receive an immigrant visa until the alien executes a written waiver of all rights, privileges, exemptions and immunities which would accrue by reason of such occupational status.

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§40.204   [Reserved]

§40.205   Applicant for immigrant visa under INA 203(c).

An alien shall be ineligible to receive a visa under INA 203(c) if the alien does not have a high school education or its equivalent, as defined in 22 CFR 42.33(a)(2), or does not have, within the five years preceding the date of application for such visa, at least two years of work experience in an occupation which requires at least two years of training or experience.

[59 FR 55045, Nov. 3, 1994. Redesignated at 61 FR 59184, Nov. 21, 1996]

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§40.206   Frivolous applications. [Reserved]

§§40.207-40.210   [Reserved]