Title 22


192.5 Relationships among agencies.

§ 192.5 Relationships among agencies.

(a) To assist in ensuring that eligible persons receive compensation, each Agency Head shall notify the Director General of the Foreign Service of the Department of State of any incident which he or she believes may be appropriately declared a hostile action under § 192.1.

(b) The Director General of the Foreign Service for the Department of State shall promptly inform the head of any agency whenever an employee of that agency, or Family Member of such employee, is determined to be eligible for benefits under this subchapter in connection with hostile action.

(c) In accordance with inter-agency agreements between the Department of State and relevant agencies -

(1) The Department of Veterans Affairs will periodically bill the Department of State for expenses it pays for each eligible person under subpart E of this subchapter plus the administrative costs of carrying out its responsibilities under this part.

(2) The Department of State will, on a periodic basis, determine the cost for services and benefits it provides to all eligible persons under this subchapter, and bill each agency for the medical service costs (in connection with hostile action abroad) and educational benefits attributable to Principals and Family Members, plus a proportionate share of related administrative expenses.