Title 22

SECTION 192.32

192.32 Administration of benefits.

§ 192.32 Administration of benefits.

(a)(1) A person eligible due to hostile action abroad, who desires medical or health care under this subpart or any person acting on behalf thereof, shall submit an application to the Office of Medical Services, Department of State, Washington, DC 20520 (hereafter referred to as the “Office”). That office will handle and process medical applications and claims using the criteria in this subpart. Persons eligible in connection with domestic situations shall make application with the Agency Head, and the Agency Head shall apply the following procedures in a similar manner in administering medical benefits in domestic situations involving the respective agency.

(2) The applicant shall supply all relevant information, including insurance information, requested by the Director of the Office. An eligible person may also submit claims to the Office for payment for emergency care when there is not time to obtain prior authorization as prescribed by this paragraph.

(b) The Office shall evaluate all requests for care and claims for reimbursement and determine, on behalf of the Secretary of State, whether the care in question is authorized under § 192.31 of this subpart. The Office will authorize care or payment of care, when it determines the criteria of § 192.31 are met. Authorization shall include a determination as to the necessity and reasonableness of medical or health care.

(c) The Office will refer applicants eligible for benefits under other Government health programs to the Government agency administering those programs. Any portion of authorized care not provided or paid for under another Government program or private insurance will be reimbursed under this subpart, subject to a determination of the reasonableness of charges. Such determination shall be made by applying the fee schedule established by the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), Department of Labor, which is used in paying medical benefits for work-related injuries to employees who are fully covered by OWCP.

(d) Eligible persons may obtain authorized care from any licensed facility or health care provider of their choice approved by the Office. To the extent possible, the Office will attempt to arrange for authorized care to be provided in a Government facility at no cost to the patient.

(e) Authorized care provided by a private facility or health care provider will be paid or reimbursed under this subpart to the extent that the Office determines that costs do not exceed reasonable and customary charges for similar care in the locality.

(f) All bills for authorized medical or health care covered by insurance shall be submitted to the patient's insurance carrier for payment prior to submission to the Office for payment of the balance authorized by this part. The Office will request the health care providers to bill the insurance carrier and the Department of State for authorized care, rather than the patient.

(g) Eligible persons will be reimbursed by the Office for authorized travel to obtain an evaluation of their claim under paragraph (b) of this section and for other authorized travel to obtain medical or health care authorized by this subpart.