Title 22


192.2 Application for determination of eligibility.

§ 192.2 Application for determination of eligibility.

(a) Any person who believes that that person or other persons known to that person are either captives as defined in 5 U.S.C. 5569(a)(1), individuals who have suffered disability or death caused by hostile action which was a result of the individual's relationship with the U.S. Government, members of the family or household of such individuals as defined in § 192.3(a)(1), or a child eligible for benefits under subchapter D, may apply for benefits under this subchapter for that person, or on behalf of others entitled thereto.

(b) The application in connection with hostile action abroad shall be in writing, shall contain all identifying and other pertinent data available to the person applying about the person or persons claimed to be eligible, and shall be addressed to the Director General of the Foreign Service, Department of State, Washington, DC 20520. Applications may be filed within 60 days after the latest of: a declaration under § 192.1(a), the hostile action, or release from captivity. Later filing may be considered when in the opinion of the Secretary of State there is good cause for the late filing. Applications in connection with hostile action in domestic situations shall conform to these same requirements and be filed with the Agency Head.