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Title 22 Part 130 → §130.12

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Title 22: Foreign Relations

§130.12   Information to be furnished by vendor to applicant or supplier.

(a) In order to determine whether it is obliged under §130.9 to furnish the information specified in §130.10 with respect to a sale, every applicant or supplier must obtain from each vendor, from or through whom the applicant acquired defense articles or defense services forming the whole or a part of the sale, a full disclosure by the vendor of all political contributions or fees or commission paid, by vendor with respect to such sale. Such disclosure must include responses to all the information pertaining to vendor required to enable applicant or supplier, as the case may be, to comply fully with §§130.9 and 130.10. If so required, they must include the information furnished by each vendor in providing the information specified.

(b) Any vendor which has been requested by an applicant or supplier to furnish an initial statement under paragraph (a) of this section must, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, furnish such statement in a timely manner and not later than 20 days after receipt of such request.

(c) If the vendor believes that furnishing information to an applicant or supplier in a requested statement would unreasonably risk injury to the vendor's commercial interests, the vendor may furnish in lieu of the statement an abbreviated statement disclosing only the aggregate amount of all political contributions and the aggregate amount of all fees or commissions which have been paid, or offered or agreed to be paid, or offered or agreed to be paid, by the vendor with respect to the sale. Any abbreviated statement furnished to an applicant or supplier under this paragraph must be accompanied by a certification that the requested information has been reported by the vendor directly to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. The vendor must simultaneously report fully to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls all information which the vendor would otherwise have been required to report to the applicant or supplier under this section. Each such report must clearly identify the sale with respect to which the reported information pertains.

(d)(1) If upon the 25th day after the date of its request to vendor, an applicant or supplier has not received from the vendor the initial statement required by paragraph (a) of this section, the applicant or supplier must submit to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls a signed statement attesting to:

(i) The manner and extent of applicant's or supplier's attempt to obtain from the vendor the initial statement required under paragraph (a) of this section;

(ii) Vendor's failure to comply with this section; and

(iii) The amount of time which has elapsed between the date of applicant's or supplier's request and the date of the signed statement;

(2) The failure of a vendor to comply with this section does not relieve any applicant or supplier otherwise required by §130.9 to submit a report to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls from submitting such a report.

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