Title 21 Part 111 → Subpart J → §111.315

Title 21 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 111 → Subpart J → §111.315

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Title 21 Part 111 → Subpart J → §111.315

§111.315   What are the requirements for laboratory control processes?

You must establish and follow laboratory control processes that are reviewed and approved by quality control personnel, including the following:

(a) Use of criteria for establishing appropriate specifications;

(b) Use of sampling plans for obtaining representative samples, in accordance with subpart E of this part, of:

(1) Components, packaging, and labels;

(2) In-process materials;

(3) Finished batches of dietary supplements;

(4) Product that you receive for packaging or labeling as a dietary supplement (and for distribution rather than for return to the supplier); and

(5) Packaged and labeled dietary supplements.

(c) Use of criteria for selecting appropriate examination and testing methods;

(d) Use of criteria for selecting standard reference materials used in performing tests and examinations; and

(e) Use of test methods and examinations in accordance with established criteria.