Title 21

SECTION 895.30

895.30 Special effective date.

§ 895.30 Special effective date.

(a) The Commissioner may declare a proposed regulation under § 895.21(d) to be effective upon its publication in the Federal Register and until the effective date of any final action taken respecting the regulation if:

(1) The Commissioner determines, on the basis of all available data and information, that the deception or risk of illness or injury associated with use of the device that is subject to the regulation presents an unreasonable, direct, and substantial danger to the health of individuals, and

(2) Before the date of the publication of such regulation, the Commissioner notifies the domestic manufacturer and importer, if any, of the device that the regulation is to be made so effective. If necessary, the Commissioner may also notify the distributor or any other responsible person(s). In addition, the Commissioner will attempt to notify any foreign manufacturer when the name and address of the foreign manufacturer are readily available.

(b) This procedure may be used when the Commissioner determines that the potential or actual injury involved is a serious one that the Commissioner believes will endanger the health of individuals who have been, or will be, exposed to the device. In assessing the degree of danger, the Commissioner need not find that the danger is immediate, and it shall be sufficient for the Commissioner to determine that the danger may involve a serious long-term risk.

(c) If the Commissioner makes a proposed regulation effective in accordance with this section, the Commissioner will, as expeditiously as possible, give interested persons prompt notice of this action in the Federal Register and will provide an opportunity for an informal hearing in accordance with part 16 of this chapter.

(d) After the hearing, if any, and after considering any written comments submitted on the proposal and any additional available information and data, the Commissioner will as expeditiously as possible either affirm, modify, or revoke the proposed regulation making the device a banned device. If the Commissioner decides to affirm or modify the proposed regulation to make a device a banned device, the Commissioner will amend subpart B by adding the name or description of the device, or both, to the list of banned devices. If the Commissioner decides to revoke a proposed regulation making a device a banned device, a notice of termination of rulemaking proceedings and reasons therefor will be published in the Federal Register.

(e) The Commissioner may declare the special effective date provided by this section to be in effect after the publication of a proposed regulation under § 895.21(d), if, based on new information, or upon reconsideration of previously available information, the Commissioner makes the determination and provides the appropriate notices and an opportunity for a hearing in accordance with paragraphs (a) and (c) of this section.

(f) Those devices that have been named banned devices under § 895.30 and that have already been sold to the public may be subject to relabeling by the manufacturer, distributor, importer, or any other person(s) responsible for the labeling of the device or may be subject to the provisions of section 518(a) or (b) of the act.

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