Title 19 Part 113 → Subpart B → §113.14

Title 19 → Chapter I → Part 113 → Subpart B → §113.14

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Title 19 Part 113 → Subpart B → §113.14

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Title 19Chapter IPart 113Subpart B → §113.14

Title 19: Customs Duties
Subpart B—Bond Application and Approval of Bond

§113.14   Approved form of bond inadequate.

If CBP determines that none of the conditions contained in subpart G of this part is applicable to a transaction sought to be secured, the Director, Revenue Division, or the port director, as CBP deems appropriate, will draft conditions that cover the transaction. Before execution of the bond, the conditions must be submitted to Headquarters, Attention: Executive Director, Regulations and Rulings, Office of International Trade, for approval.

[CBP Dec. 15-15, 80 FR 70163, Nov. 13, 2015]