Title 19

SECTION 220.11

220.11 Public comment period.

§ 220.11 Public comment period.

(a) Time for filing. Not later than 30 days after expiration of the 60-day period for filing petitions, the Commission will also publish in the Federal Register and on its website a notice requesting members of the public to submit comments on the petitions for duty suspensions and reductions. To be considered, such comments must be filed through the Commission's secure web portal during the 45-day period following publication of the Commission's notice requesting comments from members of the public. For purposes of this section, all petitions posted by the Commission on its website, whether or not posted early, shall be deemed to be officially published by the Commission on its website on the date of publication of the notice seeking written comments from members of the public on the petitions.

(b) In general. The comment shall include the following information:

(1) The name, telephone number, and postal and email address of the commenter, and if appropriate, its representative in the matter;

(2) A statement as to whether the commenter is a U.S. producer, importer, government entity, trade association or group, or other;

(3) A statement as to whether the comment supports the petition; objects to the petition; or takes no position with respect to the petitions/provides other comment;

(4) If the commenter is an importer, a list of the leading source countries of the product;

(5) A certification from the commenter that the information supplied is complete and correct to the best of the commenter's knowledge and belief, and an acknowledgement from the commenter that the information submitted is subject to audit and verification by the Commission; and

(6) Comment formats may be constrained in size, length, attachments, file type, etc., by system limitations in the Commission's secure web portal. See the Commission's Handbook on MTB Filing Procedures as posted on the Commission's website for further information.

(c) Comments from domestic producers. Comments from a firm claiming to be a domestic producer, as defined in § 220.2(g), shall also include:

(1) A description of the product alleged to be identical, like, or directly competitive with the product that is the subject of the petition;

(2) The Chemical Abstracts Service registry number for the product (if applicable);

(3) A statement as to whether an identical, like, or directly competitive product was produced in the current calendar year and, if not, the year in which the product was last produced or in which production is expected to begin within the United States;

(4) A statement as to whether such product is generally available for sale, and if not, an explanation of its lack of availability for sale; and/or

(5) The physical address(es) for the location(s) of the production facility(ies) producing the product within the United States; and

(6) Evidence demonstrating the existence of domestic production (e.g., catalogs, press releases, marketing materials, specification sheets, copies of orders for the product).

(d) Additional comment period. The Commission may provide additional opportunity for public comment and, if so, will announce that comment period in the Federal Register.

[84 FR 44693, Aug. 27, 2019]