Title 17 Part 201 → Subpart D → §201.400

Title 17 → Chapter II → Part 201 → Subpart D → §201.400

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Title 17 Part 201 → Subpart D → §201.400

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Title 17Chapter IIPart 201Subpart D → §201.400

Title 17: Commodity and Securities Exchanges
Subpart D—Rules of Practice

§201.400   Interlocutory review.

(a) Availability. The Commission may, at any time, on its own motion, direct that any matter be submitted to it for review. Petitions by parties for interlocutory review are disfavored, and the Commission ordinarily will grant a petition to review a hearing officer ruling prior to its consideration of an initial decision only in extraordinary circumstances. The Commission may decline to consider a ruling certified by a hearing officer pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section or the petition of a party who has been denied certification if it determines that interlocutory review is not warranted or appropriate under the circumstances. This section is the exclusive remedy for review of a hearing officer's ruling prior to Commission consideration of the entire proceeding and is the sole mechanism for appeal of actions delegated pursuant to §§200.30-9 and 200.30-10 of this chapter.

(b) Expedited consideration. Interlocutory review of a hearing officer's ruling shall be expedited in every way, consistent with the Commission's other responsibilities.

(c) Certification process. A ruling submitted to the Commission for interlocutory review must be certified in writing by the hearing officer and shall specify the material relevant to the ruling involved. The hearing officer shall not certify a ruling unless:

(1) His or her ruling would compel testimony of Commission members, officers or employees or the production of documentary evidence in their custody; or

(2) Upon application by a party, within five days of the hearing officer's ruling, the hearing officer is of the opinion that:

(i) The ruling involves a controlling question of law as to which there is substantial ground for difference of opinion; and

(ii) An immediate review of the order may materially advance the completion of the proceeding.

(d) Proceedings not stayed. The filing of an application for review or the grant of review shall not stay proceedings before the hearing officer unless he or she, or the Commission, shall so order. The Commission will not consider the motion for a stay unless the motion shall have first been made to the hearing officer.

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