Title 17 Part 145 → §145.4

Title 17 → Chapter I → Part 145 → §145.4

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Title 17 Part 145 → §145.4

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Title 17Chapter IPart 145 → §145.4

Title 17: Commodity and Securities Exchanges

§145.4   Public records available with identifying details deleted; nonpublic records available in abridged or summary form.

(a) To the extent required to prevent a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, the Commission may delete identifying details when it makes available “public records” as defined in §145.0(b). In such instances, the Commission shall explain the justification for the deletion fully in writing.

(b) Certain “nonpublic records,” as defined in §145.0(c), may, as authorized by the Commission, be made available for public inspection and copying in an abridged or summary form, with identifying details deleted.

[51 FR 26869, July 28, 1986, as amended at 82 FR 28003, June 20, 2017]