Title 16


5.57 Order to show cause.

§ 5.57 Order to show cause.

(a) Upon a Commission determination that there exists reasonable cause to believe a former government employee has violated 18 U.S.C. 207, the Commission may issue an order requiring the former employee to show cause why sanctions should not be imposed.

(b) The show cause order shall contain:

(1) The statutory provisions alleged to have been violated and a clear and concise description of the acts of the former employee that are alleged to constitute the violation;

(2) Notice of the respondent's right to submit an answer and request a hearing, and the time and manner in which the request is to be made; and

(3) A statement of the sanctions that may be imposed pursuant to § 5.67 of this part.

(c) Subsequent to the issuance of an order to show cause, any communications to or from the Commission or any member of the Commission shall be governed by the ex parte provisions of § 4.7 of the Commission's Rules of Practice. 16 CFR 4.7.