Title 16


1.14 Promulgation.

§ 1.14 Promulgation.

(a) The Commission, after review of the rulemaking record, may issue, modify, or decline to issue any rule. Where it believes that it should have further information or additional views of interested persons, it may withhold final action pending the receipt of such additional information or views. If it determines not to issue a rule, it may adopt and publish an explanation for not doing so.

(1) Statement of Basis and Purpose. If the Commission determines to promulgate a rule, it shall adopt a Statement of Basis and Purpose to accompany the rule which shall include:

(i) A statement as to the prevalence of the acts or practices treated by the rule;

(ii) A statement as to the manner and context in which such acts or practices are unfair or deceptive;

(iii) A statement as to the economic effect of the rule, taking into account the effect on small businesses and consumers;

(iv) a statement as to the effect of the rule on state and local laws; and

(v) A statement of the manner in which the public may obtain copies of the final regulatory analysis.

(2) Final regulatory analysis. Except as otherwise provided by statute, if the Commission determines to promulgate a final rule, it shall issue a final regulatory analysis relating to the final rule. Each final regulatory analysis shall contain:

(i) A concise statement of the need for, and the objectives of, the final rule;

(ii) A description of any alternatives to the final rule which were considered by the Commission;

(iii) An analysis of the projected benefits and any adverse economic effects and any other effects of the final rule;

(iv) An explanation of the reasons for the determination of the Commission that the final rule will attain its objectives in a manner consistent with applicable law and the reasons the particular alternative was chosen;

(v) A summary of any significant issues raised by the comments submitted during the public comment period in response to the preliminary regulatory analysis, and a summary of the assessment by the Commission of such issues; and

(vi) The information required by the Regulatory Flexibility Act, 5 U.S.C. 601-612, and the Paperwork Reduction Act, 44 U.S.C. 3501-3520, if applicable.

(3) Small entity compliance guide. For each rule for which the Commission must prepare a final regulatory flexibility analysis, the Commission will publish one or more guides to assist small entities in complying with the rule. Such guides will be designated as “small entity compliance guides.”

(b) In the event the Commission determines, upon its review of the rulemaking record, to propose a revised rule for further proceedings in accordance with this subpart, such proceedings, including the opportunity of interested persons to avail themselves of the procedures of § 1.13 (d)(5) and (d)(6), shall be limited to those portions of the revised rule, the subjects and issues of which were not substantially the subject of comment in response to a previous notice of proposed rulemaking.

(c) The final rule and Statement of Basis and Purpose shall be published in the Federal Register. A rule issued under this subpart shall be deemed promulgated at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the fourth day after the date on which the final rule and Statement of Basis and Purpose are published in the Federal Register. In the event such day is a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, then the rule is deemed promulgated at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the following business day.

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