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Title 16 Part 16 → §16.6

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Title 16: Commercial Practices

§16.6   Charter.

(a) No advisory committee established, utilized, reestablished or renewed by the Commission under this part shall meet or take any action until its charter has been filed by the Commission with the standing committees of the Senate and House of Representatives having legislative jurisdiction over the Commission.

(b) The charter required by paragraph (a) of this section shall include the following information:

(1) The committee's official designation;

(2) The committee's objectives and the scope of its activity;

(3) The period of time necessary for the committee to carry out its purposes;

(4) The Commission component or official to whom the committee reports;

(5) The agency or official responsible for providing the necessary support for the committee;

(6) A description of the duties for which the committee is responsible, and, if such duties are not solely advisory, a specification of the authority for such functions;

(7) The estimated annual operating cost in dollars and man-years for the committee;

(8) The estimated number and frequency of committee meetings;

(9) The committee's termination date, if less than two years from the date of committee's establishment; and

(10) The date the charter is filed.

(c) A copy of the charter required by paragraph (a) of this section shall also be furnished at the time of filing to the Secretariat and the Library of Congress.

(d) The requirements of this section shall also apply to committees utilized as advisory committees, even though not expressly established for that purpose.

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