Title 16


16.5 Establishment of advisory committees.

§ 16.5 Establishment of advisory committees.

(a) No advisory committee shall be established under this part unless such establishment is:

(1) Specifically authorized by statute; or

(2) Determined as a matter of formal record by the Commission, after consultation with the Administrator, to be in the public interest in connection with the performance of duties imposed on the Commission by law.

(b) In establishing an advisory committee, the Commission shall:

(1) Prepare a proposed charter for the advisory committee in accordance with § 16.6 of this part; and

(2) Submit an original and one copy of a letter to the Administrator requesting concurrence in the Commission's proposal to establish an advisory committee. The letter from the Commission shall describe the nature and purpose of the proposed advisory committee, including an explanation of why establishment of the advisory committee is essential to the conduct of agency business and in the public interest and why the functions of the proposed committee could not be performed by the Commission, by an existing committee, or through other means. The letter shall also describe the Commission's plan to attain balanced membership on the proposed advisory committee in terms of points of view to be represented and functions to be performed. The letter shall be accompanied by two copies of the proposed charter.

(c) Upon the receipt of notification from the Administrator of his or her concurrence or nonconcurrence, the Commission shall notify the Administrator in writing that either:

(1) The advisory committee is being established. The filing of an advisory committee charter as specified in § 16.6 of this part shall be deemed appropriate written notification in this instance; or

(2) The advisory committee is not being established.

(d) If the Commission determines that an advisory committee should be established in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section, the Commission shall publish notice to that effect in the Federal Register at least fifteen days prior to the filing of the advisory committee's charter unless the Administrator authorizes publication of such notice within a shorter period of time. The notice shall identify the name and purpose of the advisory committee, state that the committee is necessary and in the public interest, and identify the name and address of the Commission official to whom the public may submit comments.

(e) The Commission may issue regulations or guidelines as may be necessary to operate and oversee a particular advisory committee.