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Title 16 Part 16 → §16.2

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Title 16: Commercial Practices

§16.2   Definitions.

For purposes of this part:

(a) Administrator means the Administrator of the General Services Administration.

(b) Advisory committee, subject to exclusions described in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, means any committee, board, commission, council, panel, task force, or other similar group, or any subcommittee or other subgroup thereof, which is established or utilized by the Commission for the purpose of obtaining advice or recommendations for the Commission or other agency or officer of the Federal Government on matters that are within the scope of the Commission's jurisdiction.

(1) Where a group provides some advice to the Commission but the group's advisory function is incidental and inseparable from other (e.g., operational or management) functions, the provisions of this part do not apply. However, if the advisory function is separable, the group is subject to this part to the extent that the group operates as an advisory committee.

(2) Groups excluded from the effect of the provisions of this part include:

(i) Any committee composed wholly of full-time officers or employees of the Federal Government;

(ii) Any committee, subcommittee or subgroup that is exclusively operational in nature (e.g., has functions that include making or implementing decisions, as opposed to the offering of advice or recommendations);

(iii) Any inter-agency advisory committee unless specifically made applicable by the establishing authority.

(c) Commission means the Federal Trade Commission.

(d) GSA means the General Services Administration.

(e) Secretariat means the Committee Management Secretariat of the General Services Administration.

(f) Sunshine Act means the Government in the Sunshine Act, 5 U.S.C. 552b.