Title 14

PART 1203b

Part 1203b - Security Programs; Arrest Authority And Use Of Force By Nasa Security Force Personnel

PART 1203b - SECURITY PROGRAMS; ARREST AUTHORITY AND USE OF FORCE BY NASA SECURITY FORCE PERSONNEL Authority:The National and Commercial Space Program (51 U.S.C.). Sections 20132 and 20133 et seq. Source:57 FR 4926, Feb. 11, 1992, unless otherwise noted.

14: 1203b.100
   1203b.100 Purpose.
14: 1203b.101
   1203b.101 Scope.
14: 1203b.102
   1203b.102 Definitions.
14: 1203b.103
   1203b.103 Arrest authority.
14: 1203b.104
   1203b.104 Exercise of arrest authority - general guidelines.
14: 1203b.105
   1203b.105 Use of non-deadly physical force when making an arrest.
14: 1203b.106
   1203b.106 Use of deadly force.
14: 1203b.107
   1203b.107 Use of firearms.
14: 1203b.108
   1203b.108 Management oversight.
14: 1203b.109
   1203b.109 Disclaimer.