Title 10 Part 780 → Subpart A → §780.5

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 780 → Subpart A → §780.5

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Title 10 Part 780 → Subpart A → §780.5

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 780Subpart A → §780.5

Title 10: Energy
Subpart A—General Provisions

§780.5   Applications—General form, content, and filing.

(a) Each application shall be signed by the applicant and shall state the applicant's name and address. If the applicant is a corporation, the application shall be signed by an authorized officer of the corporation, and the application shall indicate the state of incorporation. Where the applicant elects to be represented by counsel, a signed notice to that effect shall be filed with the Board.

(b) Each application must contain a concise statement of all of the essential facts upon which it is based. No particular form of statement is required. Each application shall be verified by the applicant or by the person having the best knowledge of such facts. In the case of facts stated on information and belief, the source of such information and grounds of belief shall be given.

(c) Each application must identify any person whose interest the applicant believes may be affected by the proceeding before the Board.

(d) Three copies of each application shall be filed with the Board. However, only one copy of the accompanying exhibits need be filed.

(e) The Board will acknowledge the receipt of the application in writing and advise the applicant of the docket number assigned to the application.