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Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 706 → §706.30

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Title 10 Part 706 → §706.30

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 706 → §706.30

Title 10: Energy

§706.30   Clearance of certain local union representatives.

It is recognized that security clearance of certain union representatives may be necessary to assure opportunity for effective representation of employees in collective bargaining relationships with DOE contractors. Accordingly, DOE managers may authorize investigation for “Q” clearance of union officials whose functions as representatives of employees may reasonably be expected to require access to Restricted Data under NLRB and other procedures according to applicable law (LMRA, 1947); to effectively perform their representation functions in the resolution of grievances and in other collective bargaining relationships with contractors; to effectuate the recommendation of the President's Commission on Labor Relations in the Atomic Energy Installations in respect to integration of the union into the plant organization “as to two-way channel of communication and a medium of understanding between management and workers”.

(a) In the pre-contract stage of union-management relations, the requirements of the Labor Management Relations Act normally will be the applicable criteria for determining which bargaining representatives, if any, will need access to classified material in the exercise of their functions as employee representatives.

(b) After a bargaining relationship has been established between the contractor and the representatives of its employees the nature of this relationship and the procedures followed in it normally will be the controlling criteria for determination of the access to be granted to particular persons in carrying out their functions as employee representatives. For example, many contract grievance procedures designate by title certain union and management officials who are to have definite roles in the resolution of grievances under the procedure. Investigation for “Q” clearance will normally be in order for such officials, both company and union, employee, and non-employee. In addition, persons not so designated may be investigated for clearance where the company and the union advise DOE manager that their established relationships contemplate access for such persons.

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