Title 10 Part 1045 → Subpart B → §1045.55

Title 10 → Chapter X → Part 1045 → Subpart B → §1045.55

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Title 10 Part 1045 → Subpart B → §1045.55

§1045.55   When are RD, FRD, and TFNI considered for declassification?

RD, FRD, and TFNI information and matter are considered for declassification during several processes.

(a) DOE reviews all classification guides containing RD, FRD, or TFNI topics at least once every 5 years to determine if information identified as RD, FRD, or TFNI still meets the criteria for classification under §1045.70. If RD, FRD, and TFNI information contained in a classification guide does not meet the standards for classification, the information is declassified.

(b) TFNI is no longer TFNI when comparable U.S. RD is declassified.

(c) Agencies with holdings containing RD, FRD, or TFNI should periodically review holdings that are likely to have a high degree of public interest and a likelihood of declassification. If any matter containing RD, FRD, or TFNI is identified for declassification, agencies must coordinate the declassification of matter marked as RD, FRD, or TFNI with DOE or DoD, as appropriate.

(d) RD, FRD, or TFNI information or matter containing RD, FRD, or TFNI in particular areas of public interest may be considered for declassification if sufficient interest is demonstrated. Proposals for the systematic review of given collections or subject areas must be addressed to the Director, Office of Classification, AU-60/Germantown Building, U.S. Department of Energy, 1000 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20585.

(e) During the FOIA and MDR request process, agencies must refer any responsive matter that is marked as or potentially contains RD, FRD, or TFNI to DOE or DoD, as provided under Subpart F. During this process, the information may be reviewed to determine it still meets the standards for classification.

(f) The public and persons with access to RD, FRD, or TFNI may submit a declassification proposal for RD, FRD, or TFNI under §1045.105.

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