Title 10

SECTION 1045.195

1045.195 Is any matter exempt from MDR requests

§ 1045.195 Is any matter exempt from MDR requests?

(a) MDR requests are not accepted for:

(1) Matter containing RD technical engineering, blueprints, and design regarding nuclear weapons, if they contain no NSI.

(2) Matter required to be submitted for prepublication review or other administrative process pursuant to an approved nondisclosure agreement;

(3) Matter that is the subject of pending litigation; or

(4) Any matter contained within an operational file exempted from search and review, publication, and disclosure under the FOIA in accordance with law.

(b) Current Presidential records as described in section 3.5(b) of E.O. 13526 or successor orders that are in the custody of DOE are exempt from release in response to an MDR request.